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Main site on network

1d700This is the first site on the network, you can have unlimited sites. Multi site is not recommended for small business sites but is ideal for colleges, community sites or businesses with many departments. All sites on the network are individual sites sharing one hosting account and domain name.



Each site has its own registered users, all though with permission a user can be registered on more than one site with a single  login. Each site can have its own unique design or a site wide theme with different header and titles.


Why multisite?

5c0d4Common reasons for using Multisite are when one person or one organization would like to run a number of different sites from one installation, thereby making it easier to update plugins, themes, and WordPress itself. When all your sites are on one installation, it also makes it easier to access the Admin areas of different sites from one main control panel. Here are a few examples of when this type of Multisite network might be ideal:


  • Different schools in a school district
  • Different departments in a company/university/newspaper/etc.
  • Different teams in a league
  • Different stores/branches in a chain
  • Different groups on a community web site
  • Different events in a location (e.g. festivals, concerts, etc.)
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